A Wedding Celebration Full of Southern Charm

Second only to the bride, the cake is the most beautiful part of a wedding. Wedding cakes used to be this grand vision of 6 tiers and handmade edible flowers and exquisite detailed piping.  We have all seen the shows that showcase the crazy undertakings of bakers who try and bring these visions to life.  Weddings are becoming more modern every day.  The 6 tiers, over the top ideas are being replaced with something more simple and charming. 

hawkins 1.JPG


 This bride came to us with a few thoughts in mind.  Simplicity was one, and the second was to give her husband to be his favorite cake, carrot.  The significance of someone’s special day called for us to go back to our roots and call none other than the queen of carrot cake, my great aunt Barbara.  Her recipe is loved by many in our family, but no one more than her granddaughter, Ashley.  Hence the title, “Aunt Barbara’s carrot cake for Ashley”.  The warmth of the cinnamon combined with the sweetness of the pineapple gives the cake its southern charm, topped with smooth cream cheese frosting.  The first time we made this cake it was quite the adventure.  The recipe calls for 3 cups of FINELY shredded carrots.  Just think about that for a second.  After 3 hours (yes I said hours), orange residue on everything in the kitchen, carrots plummeting to their demise on the floor, and my mother’s knuckles in disrepair, we had our 3 cups of fine carrots shredded by a normal box grater.  Her hands were stained yellow for about a week.  This time around, we made an investment and bought ourselves a food processor.  If anyone is wondering, it takes 5 minutes to grate 3 cups of carrots.  We will now take a moment of silence so you can laugh!  As we finish up this beautiful cake, I am reminded of how much it will mean to the people we are making it for.  As the camera’s flash, and the cake is cut, the memory will live on forever. 

Kristen Hartlage